Mister miss america (Solo Show)

Neil’s solo show, Mister Miss America, had its first reading at Atlantic Stage 2 in July 2017 as part of PTP/NYC’s After Dark Reading Series, and made Neil a finalist for a 2018 Creative Residency at SPACE on Ryder Farm. The play was most recently shared as a developmental reading at Playwrights Horizons South Studios in April 2018, and next be performed at The Tank (NYC) in June 2019 as a developmental workshop through All for One’s Solo Collective (AfO SoCo).

SYNOPSIS: Tonight. Is. The. Night. Y'all. It's the 85th Annual Miss Southwestern Virginia Pageant, and Derek Tyler Taylor is fightin' tooth and well-manicured nail to win the crown. But when the road to victory is bumpier than a sock fulla Skittles™, Derek must decide how dirty he's willing to play to make his lifelong dream come true.

TRIBE (Pilot)

Neil’s original pilot, TRIBE, is currently in submission and was recently named a Top 50 Teleplay by the 2019 Cinequest Screenplay Competition, a semi-finalist at the 2019 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Contest, in addition to being an official selection at the 2019 Austin Comedy Short Film Festival, where it was named one of the Top 10 Best Comedy Series in its Screenplay Competition.

SYNOPSIS: TRIBE follows John Anderson, a newly “out and proud” 50 year-old Midwesterner, who arrives in New York City on a quest to embrace the gay identity, community and son he’s long rejected. Upon arrival, he discovers that fitting in isn’t any easier after coming out, especially as the newest and oldest executive at TRIBE Fitness, a youth-obsessed start-up founded by manic lifestyle guru Bryce Pontell. TRIBE is Transparent meets Looking meets Silicon Valley.

Shameless (Full-length Play)

Neil’s first full-length play, Shameless, was presented at Atlantic Stage 2 in July 2016 as part of PTP/NYC’s After Dark Reading Series. The reading was directed by Scott Ebersold and featured Philippe Bowgen, Neil D’Astolfo, Kenard Jackson and Mark Junek. The play made Neil a semi-finalist for a 2017 Creative Residency at SPACE on Ryder Farm.

SYNOPSIS: Shameless is a comedy about fitting in after coming out that tackles and tickles the shame monsters under and in our contemporary gay beds. Nate is a 28 year-old, wide-eyed young man from Indiana who both came out and moved to New York City six months ago. Set in Hell’s Kitchen and on Fire Island, Shameless is a fish-out-of-water story that follows Nate’s first shaky steps through the gay experience -- both sexual and cultural -- in the hopes of discovering community, love and, ultimately, himself.