Mister miss america (2018)

Neil’s second play, Mister Miss America, had its first reading at Atlantic Stage 2 in July 2017 as part of PTP/NYC’s After Dark Reading Series, and made Neil a finalist for a Creative Residency at SPACE on Ryder Farm. The play was most recently shared as a developmental reading at Playwrights Horizons South Studios on April 10th, 2018, and will next been seen off-Broadway in June 2019.

SYNOPSIS: Tonight. Is. The. Night. Y'all. It's the 85th Annual Miss Southwestern Virginia Pageant, and Derek Tyler Taylor is fightin' tooth and well-manicured nail to win the crown. But when the road to victory is bumpier than a sock fulla Skittles™, Derek must decide how dirty he's willing to play to make his lifelong dream come true.


Shameless (2016)

Neil’s first full-length play, Shameless, was presented at Atlantic Stage 2 in July 2016 as part of PTP/NYC’s After Dark Reading Series. The reading was directed by Scott Ebersold and featured Philippe Bowgen, Neil D’Astolfo, Kenard Jackson and Mark Junek. The play made Neil a semi-finalist for a 2017 Creative Residency at SPACE on Ryder Farm.

SYNOPSIS: Shameless is a comedy about fitting in after coming out that tackles and tickles the shame monsters under and in our contemporary gay beds. Nate is a 28 year-old, wide-eyed young man from Indiana who both came out and moved to New York City six months ago. Set in Hell’s Kitchen and on Fire Island, Shameless is a fish-out-of-water story that follows Nate’s first shaky steps through the gay experience -- both sexual and cultural -- in the hopes of discovering community, love and, ultimately, himself.